Rhodion Advisors accompany business families on their journey across generations. We place great emphasis on keeping the pace of development in sync with intra-family dynamics and with the interests and needs of individual family members. We pay special attention to the owners’ long-term ability to act, and to the unity of their families.

Decision-making and the development processes

All members of  our team have more than 20 years of operational experience. We have all managed difficult decision-making and development processes. Our team consists of internationally trained and experienced economists, psychologists, lawyers, engineers, tax consultants and accountants who have been working together for many years. The following topics are frequently the focal point of our work with family businesses:

  • Generational change and succession planning
  • Sustainable alignment of the family business in terms of strategy, finance, organization, human resources, management, and governance
  • Role of the family in management bodies
  • Promotion of unity and identity in the business family
  • Establishment and development of family councils, family office, and family foundations
  • Development of the next generation

Conflicts of interest and differences of opinion are inherent in all these areas. We work with our clients to structure the negotiation process in the family and to help family members look for ways out of conflict situations.

When circumstances stall or become deadlocked, and new energy is required, we act as a catalyst. Indeed, our very name, Rhodion Advisors, is derived from Rhodium, the metal that is one of nature’s most effective catalysts.


Making Better Decisions in Your Family Business
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